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AHC webinar series

Jobs & Skills in Hydrogen

Water Use for Hydrogen Production

Working with Communities

Project information
CSIRO website: HyResource – All Australian Projects

CSIRO website: Hydrogen Knowledge Centre 

CSIRO website: Hydrogen Refuelling Stations

ARENA website: ARENA funded projects

Geoscience Australia website: Australian Projects List

Key reports and policies

13 April 2023 – State of Hydrogen 2022

13 April 2023 – National Hydrogen Infrastructure Assessment Report

11 November 2022 – Arup Technical Paper: Water for Hydrogen report

National Hydrogen Strategy

All Australian government hydrogen strategies/policies
ARENA website: Hydrogen Communities & H2City Tool
CSIRO website: National hydrogen roadmap
CSIRO website: Hydrogen Research, development and demonstration

Standards Australia

ARENA website: Opportunities for Australia from Hydrogen Exports

ARENA website: Australian public perception of hydrogen for energy
FFCRC website: Summary of 19 hydrogen strategies

FFCRC website: Final Report of 19 hydrogen strategies

ENA website: Gas Vision 2050 (Hydrogen innovation)

Australian Hydrogen Opportunities tool

To support the National Hydrogen Strategy, the Australian Government launched the Australian Hydrogen Opportunities Tool (AusH2). AusH2 allows users to search for potential hydrogen production sites using powerful and customisable geospatial data capability.
Geoscience Aus website: AusH2
Geoscience Aust video: Supporting Hydrogen Development in Australia

Information sessions: Australia-Germany Energy Partnership – March 2023

German National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW GmbH), adelphi and the Australian Hydrogen Council (AHC) would like to offer you the opportunity to hear from Jan Wegener, Team Leader Europe at NOW GmbH and expert on EU regulatory aspects regarding hydrogen. 

The sessions include a presentation by Jan Wegener on content and implications of the delegated acts, followed by a Q&A session.

14 March 2023 – Delegated act on criteria for renewable hydrogen presentation

14 March 2023 – Information session video recording


27 March 2023 – Delegated act on a methodology to calculate GHG eission savings of RFNBO


27 March 2023 – Information session video recording


H2View: Global hydrogen news

European Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Global hydrogen council website
US FCHEA website
Global hydrogen and fuel cell codes and standards

International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) website

IEA website: Future of Hydrogen Report
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