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AHC Webinar Series - Water Use for Hydrogen Production

The second installment of the AHC webinar series was held on the 20th October 2022, 2:00pm – 5:00pm AEDT.



Webinar recording

Slide deck presentations

Fiona Simon, Australian Hydrogen Council – Introduction

Simon Smart, University of Queenslad for Net Zero Australia Project – Net Zero Australia and water

Fiona Simon / Kellie Charlesworth, AHC / ARUP – Water volumes for hydrogen

Stuart Khan, UNSW – Water outlook and role of recycling

Lily O’Neill, Melbourne University – Water use on native land: why you can’t just go with the flow

Danielle Francis, Water Services Association of Australia – Water utilities and planning

Stephanie Werner, National Water Grid Authority – The national water grid

Tony McClymont, Hunter Water – Hunter Water’s water security plan

Scott Murphy, Veolia – Manufactured water considerations

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