Media Release

Australian Hydrogen Council Backs the Latest HyGATE Funding Announcement

Melbourne, Australia: The Australian Hydrogen Council today welcomed the $110 million
conditional funding awarded by the Australian and German Governments to four successful
recipients as part of the HyGATE initiative that will progress real-world hydrogen projects and
increase collaboration between the two nations.

The HyGATE program recipients include ATCO Australia, Edify Energy, Hysata and Vast Solar. The
Australian companies will use the funding to progress pilot, trial and demonstration hydrogen
projects spanning from electrolyser manufacturing to methanol production plants.

Australian Hydrogen Council (AHC) CEO Dr Fiona Simon made the following statements:

“International partnerships are fundamental to knowledge sharing so that we combine our strengths
and expertise to develop resilient supply chains and low-cost hydrogen.

“The hydrogen industry has huge potential but we need to work closely with our trade partners to
progress technology and solutions to scale up as quickly as possible.

“Australia’s strengths lie in our wind and solar penetration, our stability as a nation and our
reputation as a reliable exporter.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us to use Australian manufacturing and resources to meet
Germany’s demand for hydrogen.

“We commend the Australian and German Governments for delivering this project and look forward
to seeing more policy in the coming months that will continue to support the long-term
development of the hydrogen industry,” Dr Simon concluded.

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