Murray Lyster has been working for Siemens for more than 20 years holding various senior management positions. Currently as the Head of Mining Solutions he is actively engaged in representing Siemens’s interests in electrification, automation and digital solutions to the mining industry.

Over the past several years, with a real passion for hydrogen, Murray has been actively involved in promoting Siemens Hydrogen Solutions including electrolysers, turbines, and integration know how of electrical systems. He was deeply involved in the planning and delivery of the AGIG HypSA Tonsley demonstration plant which recently opened in South Australia, and houses Australia’s largest electrolyser.

Murray joined the board of the Australian Hydrogen Council in 2017 and was elected chair in 2020.

As the chair of Australian Hydrogen Council, Murray has been an advocate of further developing a hydrogen market place, supporting members advance various hydrogen applications, and positioning Australia as a global leader in hydrogen technologies, and a future partner in the export of hydrogen and its derivatives.