Chris Dolman is Business Manager, Clean Energy for BOC South Pacific.

Chris holds degrees in Bachelor Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) from Macquarie University and a Diploma in Marketing from Cambridge Marketing College.

Chris works on Hydrogen Project Development in both Australia with a focus on mobility projects and decarbonising hard to abate sectors while export markets develop. Chris is working closely with a number of international fuel cell truck and bus providers to bring vehicles to Australia with these expected to enter the market in the coming years in hydrogen clusters across the country. Australia is competing against countries with large government subsidies internationally with truck and bus providers key to many Australian projects.

Chris is an active member of the NERA hydrogen clusters including the being a Board member of SAH2, a member of the VH2 Advisory Council as supporting various state based Zero Emission working groups. Additionally, Chris to bring an extended network to partners as well as BOC colleagues supporting Standards Australia for Hydrogen and the Australian New Zealand Industrial Gas Association which has been working with hydrogen safely and effectively for decades.

Collaboration as well as safety are key components for the hydrogen sector to maximise opportunities both locally and with exports into the future. Project proponents within the hydrogen and renewables sector all bring different skill sets with strong partnerships the key to expediting projects.

The hydrogen economy remains a significant opportunity for Australia while sharing learnings from projects will allow the sector to develop more quickly. Chris has worked to share key learnings to the BOC ARENA funded Bulwer Island project and will continue to share learnings from all projects with the sector to ensure it develops quickly.