TC meeting 11 August 2020



Slides – 200811 TC meeting v3

Submission for records – PUB AHC TIR submission 21 June 2020

For members to complete – Item 4 AHC TC member skills v1

Draft jurisdictional profiles – 200809 AHC H2 jurisdictional profiles v6 PUBLIC

WG7 SA material – ME 093 Working Group Structure 2020

WG7 SA material – Hydrogen standards release summary July 2020

NEW ADDITION: WG7 – To be replaced – ME93 mapping update 20190718

NEW ADDITION: WG7 – Proposal for views – ME093 Project Proposal H2 Storage and Handling June V1

WG8 presentation, Nigel Cann – NC HFS Standard Changes

WG9 Skills and training overview, Daryl Osborne – DWO Consult H2 Training Roadmap Aug20