National Hydrogen Strategy paves the way for further collaboration, development and investment

November 22, 2019

National Hydrogen Strategy paves the way for further collaboration, development and investment

The Australian Hydrogen Council welcomed the National Hydrogen Strategy launched today and called for continued investment in the hydrogen sector to strengthen its position in Australia’s diverse energy mix.

The strategy has highlighted the potential for Australia to have a world-leading hydrogen industry.

Australian Hydrogen Council CEO Dr Fiona Simon made the following statements:

"The innovative National Hydrogen Strategy provides a clear national vision for government and industry, strengthening existing state and territory strategic development plans.

"The versatility of hydrogen energy means it can be used to fuel Australian transport, heat Australian homes or power Australian industry.

"Hydrogen can help solve the storage puzzle for our renewable energy rich nation, storing excess renewable power which can be fed back into our electricity grid to ensure reliable electricity supply.

"Australia can be a global leader in exporting renewable hydrogen due to our tremendous capability to supply wind and sunshine. We also have the research skills from our universities and industry who are vigorously exploring hydrogen’s potential.

"The National Hydrogen Strategy is a big step forward for energy policy in Australia. It is important for all levels of government and industry to move quickly to take advantage of the global momentum for hydrogen and maximise the unique opportunities available with key export markets.

"This will require continued collaboration, development and investment to secure hydrogen’s place in Australia’s diverse energy mix and progress the technologies necessary to get the industry to scale.

"We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Government to establish the policy, processes and market mechanisms necessary to scale up Australia’s hydrogen sector."