Decarbonising the steel industry will have a significant impact on international ambitions for tackling climate change.

South Australia aims to be at the centre of solutions to global decarbonised steel-making, using our natural advantages in renewable energy and mineral resource. We have abundant magnetite resources, extensive renewable energy and significant investment in hydrogen production and water.

South Australia’s Green iron and steel strategy – a part of the government’s State Prosperity Project – sets our vision to position South Australia as the partner of choice for decarbonised steelmaking. We will be a key contributor of the minerals, green iron and green steel required to support the global transition.

The strategy’s objectives are to:

As part of the strategy, the government is seeking involvement from businesses to jointly investigate and invest in building a green supply chain, making green iron production a reality.

An Expression of Interest process is now in progress. EOI submissions  are due 1 October 2024.
For further information including how to apply, please click here.