On Friday 28 April 2023 the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations released the Request for Tender for the New Energy Apprenticeships Mentoring Program 2023-24 (the Mentoring Program) on the Australian Government Procurement system AusTender (www.tenders.gov.au/).

The Department is seeking to procure one or more Providers to administer and deliver the Mentoring Program which will provide opportunities for New Energy Apprentices working in the Clean Energy sector to access industry-based Mentors offering career-based guidance and advice throughout the early years of their Australian Apprenticeship, as well as peer networking events designed to strengthen relationships and engagement in the Clean Energy sector.

The initiative provides funding of $3.6 million (GST exclusive) per year, up to $14.4 million (GST exclusive) over four years from 2023-24 to support the delivery of the Mentoring Program by the successful Tenderers. The initial contract term is expected to commence in July 2023 and conclude in June 2024, and may be extended at the Department’s sole discretion for one or more periods up to June 2027.

We believe this is a great opportunity for the department to promote the release of the Tender to stakeholders and encourage you to forward this information onto your colleagues, businesses and organisations who may be interested in the Tender.

To learn more about the Tender please visit AusTender. Applications close on 23 May 2023 at 2.30pm Australian Capital Territority (ACT) local time.