The Victorian and New South Wales Governments are investing $10 million each in grant funding to co-deliver the Hume Hydrogen Highway initiative, an Australian-first renewable hydrogen refuelling network. The joint grant initiative will support the design and delivery of the Hume Hydrogen Highway between Melbourne and Sydney – Australia’s busiest freight corridor. The initiative will support the development of at least four refuelling stations along the Hume Highway and will support approximately 25 hydrogen-powered long-haul heavy freight vehicles to adopt zero-emission technology, such as fuel cells.

The Hume Hydrogen Highway initiative aims to:

Up to $20 million is available in grant funding under the Hume Hydrogen Highway initiative. Applications are now open and must be submitted by 2pm (Eastern Daylight Time) Friday 28 October 2022. Click here for more information and/or to apply.

An industry briefing session was held on the 27th July and the presentation can be found under the “Application documents” section.