The NSW Government’s $70 million hydrogen hub initiative is supporting the establishment and growth of hydrogen industries in NSW.

We have a target to increase electrolyser capacity to 700 megawatts (MW) by 2030. To achieve this, we are delivering a competitive process to award grant funding that supports and encourages hydrogen hub development.

While the initiative is focused on developing hubs in the Illawarra and Hunter regions, it also aims to support hydrogen industries in other strategic locations across NSW.

Funding is being prioritised for projects that can scale quickly and support increasing hydrogen demand, such as heavy transport deployment, and projects that support the creation of a distributed refuelling network.

The initiative is a key action under the NSW Hydrogen Strategy. The strategy sets out the NSW Government’s plan to develop a green hydrogen industry. Read more here- external site.

The initiative supports the development of hydrogen hubs through two streams:

  1. Projects – Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for grant funding for commercial scale green hydrogen projects to reduce investment risk.
  2. Hydrogen consumers – Registrations of Interest (ROIs) to identify hydrogen consumers, potential sources of demand across NSW, and within hub regions, to drive scale.

Note: Grant funding is only available for the hydrogen projects stream. Hydrogen consumers can access grant funding if they join a project and are part of a successful full application.

Before you apply or register

To help you complete an EOI or ROI, you should read the:

These have important information about hydrogen projects eligibility criteria, application requirements and assessment process and the hydrogen consumer registration process.

To help you complete a hydrogen projects EOI, you should also read the following templates:

The funding agreement template contains important information about the applicant’s and any other relevant parties’ obligations for the project. The risk register and departures (if applicable) templates need to be filled out and submitted as part of your EOI.

To help you complete and submit your online EOI or ROI on the SmartyGrants platform, you should also read the SmartyGrants help guide for applicants- external site.

Fore more information and to apply, please click here.