The Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate are developing a Code of Practice for Hydrogen Safety. We are asking stakeholders to register their interest to receive information and provide feedback relating to the development of the code.

A hydrogen safety code of practice (the code of practice) is being developed for applications that use hydrogen as a fuel gas.

The code of practice is to provide a consolidated framework on how to comply with safety requirements for fuel gas under the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 and proposes alternative means of compliance where existing requirements are not practicable. Topics addressed include:

A consultation period for the draft code of practice is open until 24 June 2022. Submit your feedback on the draft code—responses will inform a final policy approach.

Current legislative requirements will continue to apply until further notice. If you are undertaking a project that cannot comply with current legislative requirements, email [email protected].

The key milestones in the development of the code of practice are:

October 2021Registration of interest was announced
October–November 2021Discussion paper released and industry feedback received
October 2021A webinar was held about hydrogen safety in the mobility sector:view the webinar read the webinar slide pack read the webinar questions and answers
May 2022The draft hydrogen safety code of practice released for feedback
25 May 2022Webinar to provide an overview of the draft code of practice. Register your interest to attend the webinar
24 June 2022Last date for submission of feedback about the draft code of practice
Post June 2022Feedback is considered and the policy approach is finalised. The final hydrogen safety code of practice is published following government approval

For information on managing safety and health throughout the hydrogen life cycle or advice about proposed or current hydrogen projects, contact the Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (07) 3199 8027